Commercial Painting Services

Retail fitouts, Restaurant repaints, Factory repaints & Office Fit Outs

John Gall Painting has specialised in Commercial Painting Projects for more than 40 years . Utilising the best equipment and current painting methods, we have the capacity to ensure the work is done with minimal interruption to people who regularly use the site. Using a proficient workforce we ensure complete attention to detail and a premium finish to every project we undertake.

No matter what sort of business or organisation you run, you know that image is everything. Customers, partners, visitors and associates will look at the condition and colours of your existing paintwork and make any number of value judgements.

You can’t afford to look stale, stagnant or stodgy – you need to remain fresh and relevant at all times. With John Gall Painting at your side, you can repair, refresh and revitalise the image of your organisation for the long term.

We work with you to ensure budgets are never blown, operations are never disrupted and that your image is always respected. Whatever the size or type of premises, we can:

  • Rebrand interiors and exteriors
  • Repaint at the end of an existing lease
  • Renovate
  • Repaint

Choose us for any of the above or more and you will see a solid return on investment now and into the future.

Our Commercial Clients

John Gall Painting can capably apply our professional painting skills to:

  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Stores
  • Sports halls
  • Warehouses

How the painting process Works

Estimation and Quote for paint job

Call or email us today with details of your office, store or other commercial premises to obtain a thorough and fair quote covering:

  • Paints
  • Other materials
  • Expected project length

All quotes are based solely upon what you have outlined for us – there will be no unnecessary additions or extended hours included.

For added confirmation before finalising the quote, a thorough site inspection, covering every last aspect of the proposed project, will be carried out. The only way the written price will change is if a) we carry out less work than is quoted; or b) you request added work to be done.

Preparation to paint the business premise

For quality and safety purposes, we undertake thorough preparation before commencing any job, including:

  • Power washing
  • Scraping
  • Sanding and priming
  • Complete caulking of joints and cracks
  • Minor and major plastering of the surface if needed.
  • Complete masking of all windows and careful coverage of plants and ground surfaces

Paint- quality paints means quality finish for your business

During the painting process you will be kept fully informed of:

  • Daily progress
  • Problems if and when they arise
  • Advice and recommendations when applicable

No matter the length or scale of the work, you can rely on your designated John Gall Painting painters to be prompt, professional, efficient and friendly from beginning to end.


Upon completion, our team will thoroughly clean the area prior to walking you through a complete inspection of the work. There will be no marks, mess or hazards left anywhere on or around your commercial property.

Once you’re happy with our work, you will be given a copy of our final invoice for all work carried out for your own records. All payments can be made by either direct deposit or bank cheque.

Build a bigger, bolder business identity with the help of John Gall Painting. Call us on 0417 738 071 today to discuss your painting needs.