Interior and Exterior Painting- Across the Central Queensland region

Making your new home a work of art from the very start

Are you aware that investing in a professional interior painting job can entirely transform the look of your house? We have experience in painting any surface from new home constructions to cabinets in commercial properties. 

Imagine owning a home where every room reflects a mood, a passion or dream of the unique person who occupies it. With John Gall Painting, this dream can become a reality.

Our detailed interior painting services can transform your new property from the inside out, giving it that much-needed dash of personality.

We don’t do one room or a single doorframe – we are whole-house painters. We will do everything we can to transform the complete interior of your home, including:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Studies
  • Man caves
  • Garages

There’s no reason to wait or hesitate – with us on hand, your new home can be a work of art from the very start. Every aspect of the job can be personalised, from colours to finishes and textures. The only limits are your imagination and your budget.

How It Works in the painting trade

First Contact for painting quote with John

First Contact

Contact us today for a fair and accurate estimate of the job, covering:

  • Paints and other materials
  • Expected project length

We will take the time to carefully assess all aspects of the job to ensure that not only are we charging you a fair amount but also so that we fully understand what it is you need and expect.

Once everything is agreed upon we will provide you with a detailed written quote.

Preparation for the paint job

Before getting out our brushes, we’ll ensure the quality of our work by carrying out careful preparation, including:

  • Power washing
  • Scraping
  • Sanding and priming
  • Complete caulking of joints and cracks
  • Complete masking of all windows

Paint- what paint to choose

Whether it is one day or seven, your designated John Gall Painting painters will arrive on time and carry out as much if not more work than is required of them in the given time. Their overall approach will focus on getting as much done as possible per day without causing any serious disruption to your daily routine. And as a plus, during the process you will be kept fully informed of the progress as well as any problems we encounter.

Completion of the house paint

At the end of every paint job, we will vacuum, sweep, hose and move all furnishings back to their original place. Once this is done and you’ve inspected our workmanship, we’ll supply you with an itemised invoice for the completed job payable by direct deposit or bank cheque.

Call John Gall Painting on 0417 738 071 to transform your living spaces .