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For some, a roof is just that, a roof – the thing that helps keep the elements out. To others, it’s the last essential detail to the aesthetics of their home. No matter how you look at it, your roof deserves its share of professional care.

We Specialise in All Aspects of Roof Painting

Colour consultation  – Whether you want to match your current colour or are looking to update, our colour consultants will help you find the perfect roof colour

Water damage repair  – Not only can we clean and repaint your roof, if there’s been any water damage, our team can repair it as part of our complete service

Detailed preparation  – Attention to the details is essential to ensure your repainted roof is watertight to protect your home

Experience with the Queensland climate  – We’ve been working in the harsh Queensland climate for more than 40 years so we know how to minimise damage of your roof paint from rain, humidity and sun.

Advice on paint types for a cooler home  – A reflective, light coloured paint can significantly lower the temperate of your roof, reducing your energy bills and extending its life.

John Gall Painting is here to provide that care. We can see to a thorough roof restoration, which will effectively restore the lustre, colour and reliability of your roofing. The results will be sure to leave you and any passers-by impressed.

We achieve this by working with and around factors such as:

  • The architectural style of your home
  • Your roofing materials
  • Local weather

Every last little detail we take into consideration ensures the best possible result at the end.

How It Works for your roof make over

Estimation and Quote

Contact us today for a fair and accurate estimate of the job covering only what it has to:

  • Paints and other materials
  • Expected project length

We will take the time to carefully assess all aspects of the job to ensure that we charging you a fair amount in terms of what it is you need and expect.


Before applying even a single coat of paint, we maximise the quality of our work by carrying out careful preparation, including:

  • Power washing
  • Scraping
  • Complete masking of all windows and careful coverage of plants and ground surfaces.

Paint and Repair

Throughout our entire time on your roof, we will do our best to work to improve the current look, feel and reliability of your roof. We will maximise our working time and aim to finish sooner rather than later.


At the end of every roofing job, we ensure that there is no mess left on the roof or around your home. Once this is done and you’ve signed off on our work, we’ll provide you with a detailed, affordable invoice for all work carried out (paid via direct deposit or cheque).


Does your Roof need a Repaint? We've Got you Covered. John Gall Roof Painting Specialises in all Aspects of Roof Painting. For Professional & Affordable Services.

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